My Gear


This is my set up at home.

The TARDIS roll away protects this system from the weather and theft.

I have an f10, 10″ Meade LX200 on a wedge and pier. It is permanently mounted and bolted to a 600mm by 800mm concrete slab. This ensures good polar alignment and little movement from passing truck, traffic and people. The focal length on the scope is 2500mm so small amounts of movement can ruin how well you see objects and the images that are taken.

I also use this mount to to piggyback my Coronardo PST Solar telescope.

So girls, I built this system myself (so can you). Steve G an artist friend helped paint it.



dark sky set upThis is the system at the dark sky site.

This is a skywatcher ED80. It is sitting on an NEQ6 Pro mount on a pier. The pier is also bolted to a 500mm by 500mm concrete slab.

You can see 2 cameras in this system. The QSI683wsg which is the larger one and the DMK21AU whichIi use as a guide camera and also as the camera for solar imaging at home.

Another roll away shed secures this system. Thanks to Mark A for giving me this shed when he upgraded. It really does make a difference to how much imaging I can get done.




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